Created by Joe Sabatini, the Festival of Speed describes itself as " a display of the world's finest exotic cars, motorcycles, aircraft and watercraft complimented by the finest in luxury lifestyle products and services. Fine wines, exciting culinary delights, rare jewels and timepieces, automotive artwork and much, much more ". I must say it sure lived up to the hype!

Held on the meticulously maintained grounds of the Orlando Ritz Carlton Grande Lakes on October 25 it didn't disappoint as I finally got to see a beautiful Ferrari Enzo FXX in person. A car that has been on my list for a long time. I like to wait after the show is over so I can photograph the cars as they leave their position and head to the staging area where the haulers await them. Not only does it make for a nice shot I get to hear them run as well. The red Enzo Ferrari sounded amazing as the driver went past and teased me by revving the engine. The Saleen S7 had a completely different sound that can only be described as beastly. Deep throated and rumbling like an earthquake it drove past and blew my mind. I really wanted to hear the FXX but it didn't have enough gas to drive off and had to be towed so I'll have to wait a bit longer to hear that song. All I need now is a Mclaren F1and I'll have seen them all.

Another new ride for me was the KNIGHT XV a super sized luxury SUV from Conquest Vehicles. Perfect for someone like the Orlando Magic's superstar center Dwight Howard who was at the show on sunday. He's a car aficionado like the rest of us and checked out everything from the new Lamborghini SV to the Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. I look forward to day when he drives by in something like a Veyron and with a big smile waves his hand with an NBA championship ring on every finger. Both are within his reach. I'm happy I got to see and hear some of the world's most exotic cars and get a few pics as well.