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After missing 2010 due to the repaving of the track at Daytona the Le Belle Macchine d"Italia returned in 2011 for another four days of track action. Lamborghini was on hand to premier its new model the Aventador LP 700-4 and it was the first time this car has appeared on track in North America. I had seen a white one parked in the show room of the Lamborghini dealership in Longwood FL and thought it would be the one they bring to the track but a black one turned up instead. It was amazing to see up close in person and watch out on the legendary road course of Daytona. The icing on the cake came when Nelson drove in with his stunning, yellow Aventador and parked it in the garage. I'd like to say it was my favorite car of the weekend but its hard not to give the nod to the Ferrari F40 that went out on the track on Friday. The sound it would make as it downshift was pure heaven. The F40 didn't get a lot of track time and I was only able to get one pass on video to go with my pictures but it was enough to capture the essence of a Ferrari legend.

Lamborghini had a few Superleggera LP570-4 cars that also took to the track and a few lucky souls were treated to rides around the high banks of Daytona. While the event is billed as an Italian Car track day it is open to other manufacturers and the event was filled with Porsche, Audi, Mercedes,Lotus, Aston Martin and Jaguar. There was a super bad, black Viper from Flat Out Motorsports, a DeTomaso Pantera and a few Mustangs including a 2012 Boss 302 which no doubt was taking advantage of the vehicle's track setting. The Italian cars where there in full force with lots of Lamborghinis from the Aventadors to an awesome black Countach. Along with the F40 there was a Scuderia,Maranello and Ferrari Challenge cars. A couple Porsche Cayman-R took to the track to round out the selection. Friday was a nice day with a partly cloudy sky but the weather turned for the worse picture wise on Saturday when a front moved through. The overcast sky made it difficult to get a pretty picture and by the end of the day it was raining lightly but I still managed to get enough images and video to represent the event. I've included an extra amount of pictures in the galleries to ensure everyone has a chance to see their car. I didn't return on Sunday and chose to attend the Winter park Concours d"Elegance but I'm sure I'll return next year for another awesome Le Belle macchine d"Italia at Daytona.