On April 17th I attended the 2010 Celebration Exotic Car Festival held in the picturesque location of downtown Celebration Florida. It was my second time there having been to the 2009 show and vowing to return every year because it's just that good. The car selection was fantastic with the crown jewel being the one off Sang Bleu pictured above. Many of the cars were there last year so it was going to be a challenge to not get repeat pictures. The show always draws a huge crowd which makes it awfully difficult to get clean shots of the cars without someone in the way. I waited over twenty minutes to get a clear shot of this awesome Aston Martin DB9R but never got it to myself. Thanks to car collecting aficionados like Michael Fux, who always brings an incredible collection including one of my all time favorite cars the Ferrari Enzo FXX and Nelson Cambata who brought not one but two Bugatti Veyrons including the Sang Bleu to the show, I had my hands full trying to photograph them all which is a good thing. The crowd made it impossible so I decided to take a different approach and stepped back to catch them on the move.

I knew the best chance to catch them was at the end of the show when they drove them off so I found a nice bench just off the main intersection to sit down and wait for the shows conclusion. I didn't get much chance to rest as I soon found myself surrounded in action. On one side of me a girl pulled up and parked her killer Nissan GT-R while a fisherman pulled a trophy bass out of the canal below me. Unfazed by the rumbling exhaust of the exotic engines around him a bird went about his business collecting sticks for a new nest. Lots of exotic car owners drove by in search of a parking spot and catching them added substantially to the eye candy. It's also fun to people watch and I saw everything from the perfect family to a girl rockin' a pink TuTu. Even though there were two exit points my patience and perseverance paid off as i was eventually able to catch most of the cars out on the road and was rewarded with shots you wouldn't normally see. Here's almost 300 pictures taken that Saturday on a cloudy day before I ran out of time. I'm already looking forward to next year's show and this time I'm going to capture it on video.