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On April 9th I attended the 2011 Celebration Exotic Car Festival once again held in downtown Celebration Florida. It was my third time there and even though attendance seemed to be a bit down from the 2010 show the car selection was still awesome. Michael Fux returned with a few of his stunning exotics which could be a show all on its own. My personal favorite is his white Ferrai Enzo FXX Evoluzione with the red Saleen S7 coming in a close second. I didn't get to hear the FXX start up but did get to watch the S7 head back to the hauler. He also brought his Bugatti Veyron which was a welcome addition since the Bugatti Sang Bleu missed the show this year and what would an exotic car show be without at least one Veyron. Even though I didn't expect to see them I still have hope that one of these car shows someone will bring the last three cars on my wish list to see and photograph. The Mercedes CLK-GTR, Pagani Zonda and the McLaren F1. I hear they are here in Florida and I'll keep looking.

Last year I came around noon and stayed late to catch some rolling shots as the cars left. This year I decided to come very early and photograph the cars as them came in and found their parking spots. Although some of the cars were already parked from the night before I still managed to catch many as they drove in and it was the perfect time to get some video as well. Pictures are a great way to illustrate the event but video captures the movement and most importantly the sound of these magnificent exotics which helps to bring the pictures to life. The other benefit of being there early is the availability of the the soft morning light which helps in creating a pleasing photograph. I was there when the plastic cover was pulled off Michael Schumacher's record setting F1 car and the Ferrari Challenge cars rumbled through. It's a very well run event and all those involved did a fine job of getting the cars parked in their respective positions without interruption. It's a world class event and one I highly recommend to anyone who wants to see awesome exotic cars. They say the early bird gets the worm and even though I had to fight this chick for it I'd say the pictures prove I got it. Here's some pictures and video from the 2011 Celebration Exotic Car Festival and I'm all ready for next year!