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It has been over 20 years since I've been to the Daytona Turkey Run which is billed as the largest car shows in the southeast and is one of the nation's largest. I've always spent the Thanksgiving weekend at home with family and visiting old friends. This year I decided to get my visiting in early and made it back home in time to attend the 38th annual Turkey Run on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I must say the speedway was completely full of awesome cars and has come a long way from its beginning as just a gathering of hot rods at Daytona's Seabreeze High School. I walked between the parked cars from one end of the speedway infield to the other and checked out the action outside the track as cars just cruised around. About the only thing I didn't get to do was catch a few driving on the beach but as hard as I try I just can't be everywhere. There was so much to see and I was amazed at the variety of cars on display. It was Muscle Car heaven with a few exotics sprinkled around for good measure. I think my favorites were the incredible Rat Bikes.

With just two afternoons to photograph the action I worked hard to capture the cars in different ways to keep things interesting. The hardest shot to get is when they are parked because there is always spectators in the way or something distracting in the background. I found a nice spot near one of the exits and caught them as the cruised in and out of the track. Another spot down the road from the track allowed me to capture them at speed. I think next time I'm going to hit that spot at peak traffic times so I don't have to wait so long for something cool to drive by. One could easily end up walking a few miles snaking your way through the lines of parked cars inside the huge track so I travel as light as I can. I decided to bring my GoPro HD camera to get some video to go along with the pictures from my Canon 40D. The GoPro works well enough to capture the movement but lacks a bit in the sound department. Its too bad because it would be nice to hear those killer engines. At the end of the video above I experimented with a digital voice recorder to capture stereo sound separately from the GoPro which I can then synch later when editing. See if you can hear the difference when it gets to the part where the guys are driving a monster black Dodge up on the trailer. Between the pictures and video I think I've captured enough to give you an idea as to what the Turkey Run is like. I know I'll be back!