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The 8th Annual " Cars For The Cure " was held February 4th 2012 at the Colonial TownPark in Lake Mary Florida and it was another huge success in its quest to raise money for the American Lung Association. The weather was nice with a breeze that made walking amongst the cars cool and comfortable. Every car show venue in Central Florida has unique characteristics and Colonial TownPark shines with it's neighborhood feel and the wonderful shops and restaurants that line the streets giving the patrons a multitude of choices. Many serve on outdoor patios giving a lucky few some of the best views of the amazing cars being displayed. From the start I knew it was going to be a fun day.

I got there early enough to get some clean shots before it got crowded and once i had a few in the bag I switched to my GoPro HD and began to capture a few video clips. When I'm shooting with the 200 mm lens I need some distance between the camera and the subject. When I use the GoPro it's wide angle lens needs to be very close to the subject which requires a different approach. I like using both and the variety makes it fun. I made a pole mount for the GoPro to get some cool shots and they turned out well. Richard Messesmith brought his beautiful, bare metal bodied Cobra to the show with a GoPro camera mounted to his roll bar and he knew how much fun these GoPros can be. He showed me his Cobra and talked about the days when he used to race them back in the 1960s at tracks like Sebring. Its the friendly people like Richard that share their cars and colorful stories that makes car shows so much fun to attend. It was no surprise that Richard took home a trophy for his spectacular Cobra that thrilled the crowd. I was lucky to be standing out by the road when he drove off and that car sounds as good as it looks.. Here's some pictures and a video of that Cobra and all the other cars that came for a cure.