February 16, 2013 was the date for the 9th Annual " Cars on Fifth" in beautiful Naples Florida and after missing the event last year I made it my mission to return for the 2013 show. I got to a lot of cars shows throughout the year and I have to say this is one of my favorites. Fifth avenue is the perfect location for a show like this and such a pleasure to walk from one end to the other checking out over 400 cars that were on display. The Ferrari Club worked very hard to put together an amazing show that attracted some incredible cars including two F40s. For those that like something different the Porsche Club of Naples, the Corvette Club of Naples, the Alfa Romeo Club, Cool Cruisers and the West Coast Muscle Car Club were all in attendance to help round out the display. New to me was the live band on stage featuring Country Music star Rockie Lynne at the intersection of 5th and 8th street that certainly added to the ambience as the music was pumped through speakers placed along the avenue. Wayne Carini was the honorary Judge and handed out the trophies to the winners at the end of the show. This year they had a much better drive off which began with the command to " start you engines " followed by a very orderly exit by the drivers. This was one of my favorite parts of the show and a great time to get some video of the cars driving. I hope they continue this practice which helped them become on of the best car shows in Florida and with opportunities to photograph cars like the Ferrari F40 and Koenigsegg Trvita, a favorite of mine.

Cars on Fifth is has to be one of the best ways to spend a day in Naples and with the proceeds benefitting the Special Needs Children's Fund helping families with children with Autism and the Ronald McDonald House supporting families with children suffering from severe illness we can all hope to have a better day. This show truly offered something for everyone and is a tribute to all those that worked hard to put it together. I got there real early to get some pictures and stayed until the end. I watched 5th ave. transform from an empty street to an organized display of over 400 amazing cars and then back to normal again just in time for the dinner crowd. Pretty amazing when you think about it. Here are my pictures of the day as I got up before the sun, spent the day on 5th and then went down to the Naples Pier to watch it set. I know I'll be back next year bright and early!