The 2015 Cars on Fifth car show was a little bit of a letdown only because there is no way my 2014 Cars on Fifth experience of riding in my friend's Ferrari F40 can be topped or I can't see how it can be but that shouldn't really take away from the awesome show the Cars on Fifth people put on again this year. I get there early to take pictures so I'm right there as Fifth in Naples transforms from an empty avenue to one of the nations best exotic car shows in just a few hours. Last year the participants got a little bottle necked coming in but that problem was figured out and this year the cars flowed in uninterrupted to their parking positions. My friend was in charge of setting up the vendor tents and they did a great job of getting everything in place and ready to go. One of my favorite details is the public address system they put in place all the way down Fifth Ave so everyone can be kept in touch with what is going on and hear some nice music along the way. At the end of the day the excitement builds when we hear the command for " drivers to their cars " for the unique drive off bringing the show to an end and allowing Fifth Ave to open back up to the public in a relatively short time. How they manage to set everything up in the morning and then empty the street in the afternoon is amazing and a true testament to the organizational skills of those responsible for the Cars on Fifth. Even though the F40 didn't show there was still some incredible cars including a Ferrari 288 GTO. There was also an Enzo but I'm a little mad at it because it never came off the trailer. I like it when they drive in so the 288 GTO gets my vote. It was nice that here was a lot of car diversity this year knowing that not everyone is into supercars and to have something for everyone. This is a great car show and one I look forward to every year. I guess it doesn't hurt that it takes place where I grew up and still fondly call home.