After having such a great time not to mention having my mind blown by seeing six Ferrari 250 GTOs out on a track racing at the 2012 Cavallino Classic track day at Palm Beach International Raceway I returned for the 2016 track day and it did not disappoint. While there were only three 250 GTOs this time which is a phenomenal count any other time, there were still some amazing cars that I got to see both in the garage and out on the track. My plan was to attend both Thursday and Friday track days with Thursday primarily pictures and focus on video on Friday. I got there just as the gate opened on Thursday and went right to taking pictures. The cars were simply spectacular.

As the day wore on it became increasingly apparent that Friday was going to rain all day so late in the afternoon I tried to get as much video as I could. Sure enough it was raining on Friday and I figured they would keep those rare and very valuable cars under cover and i stayed home. I heard later they actually went out on the track and raced in the rain! Oh the pictures I could've got of that spectacle. That's what I like about this event and the participants, they actually use these cars as they were meant to be and it was a privilege for me to be able to see and photograph them in action. Below are some pictures from the Thursday track day at PBIR and you can see my video of the cars in the garage and out on the track by clicking the picture above of the red and blue Ferrari 250 GTOs which takes you to my youtube channel and while you're there subscribe.