I had the pleasure of attending the 2010 All British Car Show held on April 10th in the picturesque setting of the Mead Garden in Winter Park Florida. After having been to so many car shows with makes from several countries it was a first for me to come across an event exclusively for one type with those being British made. My first thought was the selection would be paper thin because of the few British cars made but it was such a beautiful day I decided to give the show a try anyway's and it sure didn't disappoint. If I had put a little more thought into it I would have realized just how many great automobiles were British made and the rich history they have and the lasting impression they've made.

The very first car I saw was this beautiful new Aston Martin DB9 which I might see at any exotic car show but the true British treasures were just across the street parked neatly under the shade trees according to make and model. I can't remember the last time I saw an MGB driving down the road but they sure were popular when I was a kid. I saw plenty both hard top and convertibles. I had forgot that Jaguars were British made and there were several models from present day to this 1948 classic. Walking around I found a row of Austin Healy that was very impressive and quickly became one of my favorites. On hand were a selection of Morgans from the past and one from the present that is considered to be a supercar who's performance rivals that of Ferrari and Lamborghini. One of the rarest cars on display was this 1935 Austin of which only a few still exists. Some other rare cars were this 1954 Doretti that seemed to turn everyone's heads and this 1962 Triumph Italia 2000. While the cars exhibited were British only that didn't stop a few German made cars from driving by to check out the competition like this little Mercedes 250 SL and this red Porsche Speedster which back in it's day probably gave any British sports car a run for it's money. I'm so happy I gave this show a try and it really opened my eyes to the world of British made cars. A tip of the hat to the fine folks at allbritishcarclub for a fine event and I'm looking forward to next year. Below is a sample of pictures I took as they drove to and from the show and parked under the trees of Mead garden for display.