I went to Naples Florida for the 2014 Cars on Fifth car show and with this being my third time I was really excited to see what cars would show up. Last year my old friend Ron stole the show with his amazing Ferrari F40 and I gave him a call to see if he would be showing it again this year. I've known Ron since we were kids surfing down at the Naples Pier and I must say he has built quite a car collection over the years and when I say built I mean more with his hands than his wallet. While his collection consists mostly of older Muscle Cars that he's brought back to life with some elbow grease and TLC, he also has a couple exotics with his Ferrari F40 taking front and center. He told me he would be showing his F40 and his Pantera this year and I asked if he would be interested in letting me put my GoPro camera in the F40 to capture the drive to and from the show. He said he would be more than happy to and invited me over the night before to get it mounted in the car. He would have to operate it as I'd already be at the car show taking pictures as the other cars arrived. We were going to try and make it so I could get some nice rolling pictures as he drove in but just couldn't make it happen logistically.

The video came out great and i decided I'd get the GoPro back from Ron the next day as I wanted to stay at the beach and catch the sunset at the Pier. Sunday morning I went back over to Ron's to get the camera and before I could pull it out he asked if I wanted to try and get some of those rolling shots we missed the day before and I said sure! He had a great place in mind for pictures and I turned to get back in my Jeep to follow him and he stops me and says " Forget that. You can ride with me ". OMG I was about to ride in my favorite Ferrari for the first time not to mention my first ride in any Ferrari or Supercar for that matter and it was all I could do to contain my excitement. I wasn't going to let my 6' 7" body keep me from the dream and somehow I squeezed in for the ride of my life. We headed down the road and I couldn't believe the power and sound as Ron went through the gears. Not long after that Ron got on the phone to a friend and before I knew it we were viewing his friend's incredible Ferrari collection. The presentation truly took my breath away and the fact I found myself actually standing there had me fighting back tears. It was just that good. We decided to head down the road to a nice spot for the action shots of the F40 and Marc graciously decided to pull out one of the cars from the collection for a few pictures along side Ron's F40. I must say Marc has worked very hard to maintain this car to spectacular condition and watching it drive down the road was a thing of beauty. They made a few passes for my camera before parking together for a comparison shot between two cars separated by many years of dreams and design. Another incredible moment in my incredible day. We gazed upon these two cars for a while and standing there I couldn't help but notice they were smiling too. It was a great way to see the evolution of design that spanned some thirty years from 1960 to 1990.

We called it lunch time and Marc returned the car safely to it's resting place. I jumped into Marc's car to shoot out the window for some side by side shots of the F40 on the way to their favorite eatery. My day was now perfect. I've been taking pictures for almost forty years now and I've had some incredible experiences along the way but this day rates right there at the top. I can't thank Ron and Marc enough for allowing me into their world and capturing the experience with my cameras. I feel so fortunate to have a friend like Ron who went so far out of his way to give me such a rare and exceptional experience. Honestly I was just going for the Gopro in the F40 and those two took it far beyond my wildest expectations. The pictures below are just a sample of what I saw that day and the video adds another perspective. Still not as good as actually being there.