Back in the 1980s I was living in Naples Florida and working as a Mason for Turner Construction. One of our jobs was to build the building that would hold the the car collection owned by Miles Collier. We also built a beach side mansion down in Port Royal for Miles. I bought my first camera in 1976 so I was well into photography at that time but had little interest in cars or racing as most if not all of my time was at the beach shooting surfing and bikinis. It wasn't until many years later would I become interested in racing when I moved a short drive from the famous Daytona International Speedway. My good friend Doug Waters turned me on to some vintage racing at Daytona and then Rennsport in 2007. Those two events got me hooked on automotive photography and I've been on a quest to find and photograph the worlds greatest automobiles on the track and down the street.

I have heard nothing but the best in regards to the Collier Collection which is arguably one of the worlds greatest privately owned car collections. For many years it was not open to the public but held private tours for organizations like the PCA and FCA. Doug toured it a few years ago with the PCA and told me it was unreal. He was bummed because no photography was allowed but he couldn't stress enough that if I ever get the chance to go I definitely should. The opportunity finally came when the Collier Collection now known as the Revs Institute opened up for the general public. I went back to Naples where my family lives and got my brother and sister to go and check the cars out with me. It was everything Doug said and it was such a pleasure to walk through. The cars are perfectly presented with an informative plaque and period photographs on the wall behind them.

Best of all photography is now allowed as long as you don't use a flash. Video was still prohibited. We only had a little over an hour to spend there but that was enough time to see the entire collection and snap a few pics of my favorites. Two cars in the collection were high on my wish list of cars to photograph. One is the McLaren F1 and they had a stunning example. The attendants told me that green was not the original color and that Miles wife wanted it to be green so he had it painted. I think it was originally silver but I'm not going to complain, it was beautiful and one of my all time favorite cars. The other car on my wish list was the Ferrari 250 LM. Normally it is displayed near the front entrance but this time it was missing. I asked the attendant where it was and he said it was in the shop getting ready for Monterey. I told him I was bummed because it was the car I wanted to see most. A few minutes later the attendant came back over and told me to follow him and he would show me the 250 LM. Next thing I know I'm in the shop at the Revs and there sits probably the world's finest example of a Ferrari 250 LM. It certainly made my day and I was very appreciative of him showing it to me. It doesn't take long before you get the feeling the people at Revs really want you to have an amazing experience and will do what they can to make it happen. It may have taken me some thirty years to get inside the finished building but I finally made it. Below are a few pictures of what you can expect when you visit the Revs Institute in Naples Florida and I highly recommend it.